Management Buyout

Management Buyout

Needing to secure capital to buy a business? we can guide you through the vast complexities of sourcing the right funding mix.

For many managers, a Management Buyout (MBO) is their first venture as an entrepreneur. It takes courage to leave the relative security and comfort of a management position to face the challenges of ownership and independent accountability. However, on reflection, most managers find that the personal satisfaction of controlling their own destiny is one of the biggest rewards from a Management Buyout.

Buying a company through a Management Buyout can be a shortcut to financial success. The risk is lower, conceptually at least, financing is easier to obtain, and the waiting period for a return on investment is shorter than starting a business from scratch.

One of the key mistakes we see repeatedly, is MBO teams securing funding, which quickly becomes evident is neither future proof nor fit for purpose.

In the cases of management buy-outs (MBOs) and management buy-ins (MBIs), the new leadership team needs certainty of funding to support their broader corporate strategy.

So how do aspiring management teams avoid being stuck with a funding mix which isn’t fit for purpose?

The Finance Exchange team have over 100 years of combined experience, in working with businesses and management teams to secure commercial finance solutions to address a wide array of financial challenges and an even wider array of aspirations. Our team of experts will guide you through our simple, yet robust 9 step process to identify and subsequently secure the right funding mix from the right lender based on the dynamics of the business and its cash flow challenges, to ensure you can concentrate on your MBO flourishing, secure in the knowledge that you are backed with the right funding solution.