How to reduce the cost of borrowing.

Do you want to reduce the cost of borrowing or borrow more, or to consolidate existing debt or restructure debt to reflect the way you business has changed?

There are many reasons why you might want to refinance your business. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that The Finance Exchange team will have helped businesses in a similar position to you, and what’s more, we will have successfully secured a refinancing deal for them that was fit for purpose.

We have designed a simple, rapid and robust 6-step process that will enable us to fully understand the issues that you face with your current lender, the current health of your business, and the options available to save you money and achieve your business objective.

We have helped clients refinance their businesses when they want to:

  • Reduce borrowing costs as the current lender is too expensive
  • Increase borrowing when existing lender cannot or will not increase borrowing limits
  • Change their debt structure due to issues such as concentration, debtor limits, debt-turn targets
  • Move from invoice factoring to confidential invoice discounting
  • If their existing lender withdraws their support, or due to breaches has asked a client to move on

No matter what situation you are facing we are here to help.

What we will also do is make sure you fully understand the small print – the terms of conditions that apply to every option open to you, including exploring alternative forms of finance (such as invoice factoring or discounting) that you might not have considered before. Let our experts take the strain, so your business or your customer’s business makes informed decisions.

The Finance Exchange team have over 100 years of combined experience, in working with businesses and management teams to secure commercial finance solutions to address a wide array of financial challenges and an even wider array of aspirations. Our team of experts will guide you through our simple, yet robust 6 step process to identify and subsequently secure the right funding mix from the right lender based on the dynamics of the business and its cash flow challenges, to ensure you can concentrate on your partial exit, secure in the knowledge that you are backed with the right funding solution to allow you to achieve your goals.